Why Choose Cotton Rope Leashes and Collars?

 One of the most overlooked, yet very significant, aspects of your dog's life are their leash and collar. The right kind of collar and the right kind of leash can help your dog feel happier, more comfortable, and even prevent physical injury! And to top it off, the right kind of collar can actually save you money. Conversely, the wrong kind of leash can make your dog feel irritable or even cause injury to your dog--to say nothing of the costs that can build up over the years if your collars and leashes are not up to standard.

Most people buy standard nylon and synthetic leashes and collars simply because they are what are usually promoted in pet stores and by pet shops, since they are usually the cheapest options and come in a wider variety of colors. But there is a much better option out there for you and your dog: cotton rope leashes and collars. Cotton rope leashes and collars are made from high quality cotton rope, which has many benefits for both you and your dog.

The most significant benefits are, of course, for your dog. Cotton rope leashes and collars are much more comfortable for your dog, and they don't feel rough or tight against their skin. Quality cotton rope won’t feel scratchy or itchy, and your dog will be barely able to tell his collar is even there. And Unlike traditional collars and leashes, cotton rope collars and leashes are not prone to being or becoming too tight on your dog; they are comfortable!In addition to the benefits for your dog, cotton ropes and leashes benefit you as well.

Cotton ropes and leashes are very cost effective, because the high quality 100% cotton rope can last for years--compare this to the standard life of a typical leash and collar, which needs to be replaced on a much more frequent basis. For the average dog owner, this could mean a savings of several hundred dollars over the course of a dog's life. Cotton rope collars and leashes are not likely to fray; become stained, or otherwise be susceptible to most types of wear and tear.

If you are looking for the best choice leash and collar for your beloved dog, look no further than a high-quality 100% cotton rope leash and collar. Forever Mootsy’s leashes and collars are made from 100% cotton rope and high quality hardware. Our goal is to provide dog owners with options and offer a personal touch for your pet in every product we make by hand.

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